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Temple Ewell: Historic village near Dover, Kent

About Us

The first issue of Temple Ewell Newsletter was published in October 2000, beginning as a result of the Church magazine ‘The Lyte’ ceasing due to ill health of the editor.  Cindy Tuson, a Parish Councillor at the time, first suggested that a group from the council might be able to come up with something to replace ‘The Lyte’ and the Parish Council, believing it to be an opportunity to reach parishioners in way that previously they were unable to, were fully supportive of the idea and provided setting up funds and an ongoing annual grant.  

Founder members were  Jenny Miles, Jenny Olpin, Jeanette Potts, Cindy Tuson, Amanda Lomas, and Noreen Thomas, the first three of which are still involved with production.  

Costs are met primarily by advertising revenue, but the committee also hold fund raising events and continue to be grateful for financial support from the Parish Council.